Frequently Asked Question

What is Distance/Correspondence Education?

Distance/Correspondence Education is a field of education that focuses on the pedagogy, technology, and instructional system designs that aim to deliver education to students who are not physically on site.

What is Online Education?

Online is same as distance education, only difference that your studies, material, exams all will be online.

From how long ADCSD in education filed?

From more than 8 years into education part with many members.

What is the mode of study at ADCSD?

ADCSD provides two modes of study. At ADCSD, we provide Course materials as well as an option for Online study. Student can choose according to their comfort.

Is ADCSD provide regular courses also?

Yes we can help in admission on various colleges or University where we have tie-up, or we can provide guidance for the same.

Are these courses AICTE/UGC approved?

This is a training program for aspirants and certificates are issued by ADCSD – an autonomous body. AICTE/UGC is not involved in the issuance of these certificates.

A student has not taken up a Home study course. Can he really learn by Distance Learning?

Yes! Every year millions of students are completing Home study courses worldwide. Using modern methods, students can get to learn in the comfort of his/her home. The upcoming method is ONLINE only.

Can a working professional join ADCSD Distance/Correspondence study courses?

Yes, as the courses at ADCSD can be studied from anywhere, it is well suited for working professionals to join in.

Will the fees be refunded anyway?

In general terms fees will not be refunded after the student has commenced his/her course of study.

How to make the program fee payment?

Towards the program fee payment students are requested to send a demand draft or cheque or NEFT /online transfer. The demand draft should be in the favour of – ADCSD Education, payable at Faridabad.

Will the student get a receipt for the course fee paid?

Yes, on the payment of full program fees/ installment fee/exam fee, students will get receipt in their portal.

Does ADCSD provide any online guidance/assistance?

Yes, ADCSD does provide online guidance and assistance. The students are supposed to log on to the website and post their queries. Once a student is enrolled, he/she will get access to ADCSD exclusive "Student Portal" and "Online materials".

How many times in a year does ADCSD conduct examinations?

ADCSD conducts examinations 4 times in a year. Each course has yearly exams, but once year study is over student has choice to give exams. As exams are 4 times in a year or student can give exams under is maximum duration time as per course.

Are the exams online?

Yes exams are also online.

Will the examinations have descriptive or objective type of questions?

The examinations will have objective type questions only.

What is the percentage needed to pass in the ADCSD examinations?

Passing percentage is 40% is each subject. In this you will get marks for time spending on online study also.

Will a distance course cost me more money than an on-campus course?

A distance course is always less expensive than an on-campus course. Online course is more cheaper than distance course through us.

What are the deadlines of admission?

Students can enroll anytime of the year.

Did certification courses are also have examinations?

No as course is only of 6 months, hence no exams. Exams are only made for yearly exams?

Do we get marksheet and certificate for each course?

Yes all student will get marksheet and certificate online in your login panel once course is completed?

Can we get hardcopy/printed marksheet and certificate for each course?

Yes for that student has to put request to support from his registered login. Management has option to provide hardcopy for special cases.

Is examination compulsory?

No. You have option to do study only. You will also get certificate for studying but not marksheet.